Carrs Safeway Alaska Education Grant Program


Carrs Safeway and the Alaska Council of School Administrators are proud to support innovative teaching practices across the state of Alaska by sponsoring a grant program for public school teachers.  This program encourages educators to identify a problem of practice in their classroom, school, and/or district and propose novel ways to address this challenge to improve student outcomes. Educators can apply for grants individually or as part of a collaborative team.  Congratulations to the 2019-2020 recipients

15 teachers across Alaska, will each receive a one-time $4,000 scholarship.  Any public school PK-12 grade teacher, librarian or counselor holding an Alaska teaching certificate may apply.  The deadline to apply is September 19, 2022.

What a grant can pay for:

  • Equipment/software/supplies
  • Expenses associated with field trips for students (transportation, admission costs, meals, etc.)
  • Honoraria/travel for external experts
  • Professional development courses, seminars, books, and workshops
  • Travel expenses associated with professional development for grant recipient(s)
  • Other resources for which a compelling argument is made in the grant narrative.

To apply:

1. You must receive your school principal or building administrator’s permission to apply before you begin the grant proposal process.

2. Complete the online Application Form.  Proposals will incorporate these characteristics and must include an itemized budget.

  • Identify creative ways to engage students in learning OR propose a novel solution when conventional practices are not leading to greater student achievement.
  • Look for best practices producing strong outcomes elsewhere and introduce them as a pioneering practice locally.
  • Include a process for research, development, testing and redesign (i.e. Continuous Improvement Process, Engineering Design Model, etc.).
  • Leverage local partnerships.
  • Demonstrate sustainability.

Information and rules for the scholarship recipients:

  1. Only PK-12 grade public school teachers can apply.
  2. Only one application per teacher or group.
  3. The Grant Selection Committee will select the winners in October and winners will be notified shortly after.
  4. The scholarship is a one-time $4,000 award to be paid in full before the end of December.
  5. The scholarship may not be deferred for any reason.
  6. Grant recipients will be required to fill out an online final project submission, to show how the grant has been implemented by October 01, 2023.
  7. Past recipients are eligible to apply.  If you were a 2019-2020 recipient, you must have turned in your final project submission to apply.

Email Dominique Johnson with any questions at

Please help us to make this program a success by sharing information about the scholarship with teachers at your school!

**The grant criteria and what the grant may be used for may change as the program develops.