Other State Issues

  • Capital Improvement (CIP) funding must be fully restored. Long-term fiscal planning is needed to maintain and protect infrastructure. Costs have and will continue to increase due to inflation and prolonged neglect to public school facilities.

  • ACSA supports and expects the State of Alaska to fully utilize matching federal grant monies such as those required for Head Start and other early learning programs. 

  • ACSA supports the local control and autonomy of Alaska’s communities who are served through all 54 unique school districts. 

  • The state should continue efforts to control the cost of workers’ compensation claims, including adoption of medical treatment guidelines, improved management of claims, and an improved reemployment benefits process. 

  • If the school funding formula is reviewed, ACSA strongly supports that it be done by a task force including nationally-recognized school finance experts, with input from Alaska school finance experts.

  • ACSA supports a non-partisan and independent State Board of Education with the sole purpose of ensuring a quality education for all of Alaska’s children. 

  • ACSA is proud and supportive of educational alternative programs, so long as the directive in Alaska’s Constitution is upheld: “No money shall be paid from public funds for the direct benefit of any religious or other private educational institution.” This restriction includes vouchers and/or any other mechanisms. Our funding system must be transparent, inclusive, and collaborative.