Other Federal Issues

  • ACSA strongly opposes the use of public money to fund private/religious education through vouchers or other mechanisms.

  • ACSA supports full funding with cost of living increases for E-Rate, Indian Education, Impact Aid, and all Title programs with no significant program changes. 

  • ACSA supports increased funding for child nutrition.

  • ACSA supports increased funding for teacher housing in rural communities.

  • ACSA supports funding for social emotional learning, social workers, mental health support, school nursing, and birth to age five learning for all. For more specifics, refer to our Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Position Statement.

  • ACSA advocates continued support for Alaska school districts under the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF). 

  • ACSA supports the use of federal funds to retrofit and make infrastructure repairs in Alaska schools to align with modern school safety best practices. For more specifics, refer to our School Safety Statement.