Mission: Leadership, Unity & Advocacy for Public Education

As a member of ACSA you are a part of living this mission — Leadership, Unity and Advocacy for Public Education in Alaska! Belonging to ACSA means belonging to a professional organization who at its core believes in Alaska’s children. Through support to our members, we want to set our children up for success by ensuring they have the best education possible. ACSA offers an array of services for our members. We provide leadership conferences and induction academies. As educational leaders who serve different roles, we come together as one unified voice as the premier advocate for Alaska’s children.

Those services include:


  • A collective voice in shaping education policy and in speaking out on behalf of children at the state and national levels.
  • Immediate contact when members need to consider giving an issue their immediate attention and offering a rapid response.
  • A forum for discussing emergencies and emerging issues and topics.
  • Liaison with other education organizations and state agencies whose programs affect education.
  • Representation of members’ interests on state task forces and study groups to all education stakeholders.
  • ACSA Legislative Fly-In.

Personal Services:

  • Leadership opportunities as an officer of one of our boards and/or as a member of state and national committees.
  • Opportunities for affordable liability insurance and participation in a legal defense fund.
  • Membership in national professional organizations.
  • Reduced rates for conferences. A variety of recognition and award programs calling attention to distinguished service offered by administrators and other members of the education community and bringing honor to the school districts they serve.

Professional Learning:

  • Conferences and workshops for all affiliates featuring nationally known and respected keynote speakers to help expand the vision, leadership and management skills of school leaders, as well as to connect to a network of district leaders across Alaska.
  • Alaska Superintendents Association (ASA) has a summer meeting and fall conference for its members every year.
  • The Alaska Association of Elementary School Principals and Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals (AAESP & AASSP) provide the statewide Principals’ Conference each fall. Participants benefit from nationally recognized educational speakers, opportunities to share with other Alaskan principals, and discussions on policy, goals, and educational priorities.
  • The Alaska Association of School Business Officials (ALASBO) organizes annual conferences and vendor trade show in December, focusing on exposure and grounding in school business topics for all levels of staff. ALASBO also offers Power Lunch teleconference sessions and networking opportunities throughout the school year.
  • All members of ASA, AASSP, AAESP and ALASBO come together for the ACSA Legislative Fly-In which is held in Juneau during Session.
  • Alaska School Leadership Academy is a unique program is designed to provide early career principals with a collegial cohort that is engaged in networking, skill building and mutual support across the state. New leaders: 
    • Receive the support of an Alaska-based, seasoned principal who will serve as a professional mentor.
    • Connect to a network of new principals across the state.
    • Participate in ongoing professional learning that is focused on the dispositions and tools early career principals need.
    • Learn strategies to communicate effectively with staff and navigate difficult conversations.
    • Explore how to use school data for continuous improvement.
    • Learn how to build a school culture focused on student learning.

Professional Services:

  • Individual professional consultations and connections with mentors, including peers, who can provide advice on dealing with issues and problems.
  • Networking opportunities that provide an ongoing source of support and information in addressing issues and in developing and recommending policies, goals, and educational priorities.
  • Resources aimed at helping administrators stay up-to-date and on the leading edge, including communications networks that provide immediate answers and timely information and a website with a wealth of online resources.
  • Free publications, such as ACSA’s Education Bulletin newsletter, which provides reports on Council member activities and just-in-time public education issues.
  • ACSA Legislative Updates, highlighting the most current events, published regularly during the legislative session, reporting on state budget issues and K-12 education legislation before the legislature.

ACSA and its affiliated organizations & members are committed to being “Champions for Children.” Therefore, we strive to:

  • Enhance the opportunities for children to learn in a safe and secure environment.
  • Reaffirm the worth and dignity of every child as a member of a diverse society.
  • Provide equity of access to quality educational programs and services.
  • Encourage and support children in becoming lifelong learners who are a part of an enlightened society.

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