Becoming Resilient through Perseverance

Will Chervenak ,

AASSP Assistant Principal of the Year

Kenai Central High School

It is hard to believe that it is already April and summer will soon be upon us. As I compose my thoughts, I glance outside my office window and look fondly upon the receding winter snow and the emerging grass slowly taking its place. I also notice the birds pairing up, the young moose that populate the school grounds and nearby neighborhood, and the daylight that now pervades my morning and afternoon commutes to school. The signs of breakup are firmly upon us, and with this season of change, I am reminded of the many changes that have occurred over this semester – both good and difficult alike. 

I am also encouraged by the resiliency of our kids and their families and the love of our staff for all of our students. It is nothing short of remarkable to think about all we have endured and persevered through together. I suppose it is human nature to adapt and find a “new normal,” and I am truly amazed by the level of performance that the students are currently showing – even after all of the hardships of the last two years.

I look forward to celebrating our seniors in their upcoming graduation ceremony, and I also look forward to the promises of summer: time spent with my friends and family, camping and fishing trips, freshly prepared greens and fairways at my local golf course and perfecting my smoked salmon recipe (an annual event).

Whatever season these thoughts find you in, I hope you are safe, happy, and surrounded by those you love and care for; most of all, I am grateful for the grit found in the Alaskan spirit and our ability to support one another – and persevere together.

Best wishes in wrapping up the year and enjoy the much-deserved summer break.