New & Incoming Superintendent Transition Program

Over the past several years, the Alaska Superintendents Association has been working hard to support leadership development with all superintendents, especially new superintendents. In an effort to address the mounting leadership turnover within Alaska’s superintendent ranks, ASA is working to continue provide in-depth learning opportunities relevant to the Alaska school district and superintendent experience and provide individual support through a research-based mentoring program.

Therefore, the New and Incoming Superintendent Support program will continue to bring together a cohort of new to profession and/or new to district superintendents to study relevant Alaska superintendent leadership skills. The program will consist of a series of webinars and face-to-face meetings focused on core skills required in today’s Alaskan school districts. Real problem-solving scenarios will be explored in-depth, along with a deep analysis of common situations confronting leaders including board relations, ethics, communications, budgeting, advocacy, instruction, politics and an overall understanding of the position of the Alaskan superintendent.

A core element that is proving to be successful is an assigned mentor for members of this cohort to work with at a variety of levels as determined by the new superintendent and their district’s board of education. Structured meetings that follow the core concepts of cognitive coaching are the hallmark of this program that allows cohort members to work with a recently retired, successful Alaska superintendent throughout the school year.

The program will kick-off in conjunction with the ASA Summer meetings with an independent day long academy. Mentors will begin working in earnest with all cohort members to support their transition into the complex role of school district superintendent. This will be followed by periodic hour-long webinars between other academies.

Here is the Schedule for 2022-2023:

August 25th, 2022           Webinar (12:30-1:30)                     MS Teams

September 28th, 2022    Fall Academy                                    Homer, AK

September 29th, 2022    ASA Fall Conference                         Homer, AK

September 30th, 2022    ASA Fall Conference                         Homer, AK

October 1st, 2022            ASA Fall Conference                          Homer, AK

October 20th, 2022         Webinar (12:30-1:30)                       MS Teams

November 17th, 2022     Webinar (12:30-1:30)                        MS Teams

December 15th, 2022     Webinar (12:30-1:30)                        MS Teams

January 27th, 2023         Winter Academy (12:00-4:00 p.m.)    Anchorage, AK

January 28th, 2023          Effective Instruction Conf.               Anchorage, AK

January 29th, 2023          Effective Instruction Conf.               Anchorage, AK

February 25th, 2023       Spring Academy (12:00-4:00 p.m.)    Juneau, AK

February 26th, 2023         ACSA Spring Fly-In                           Juneau, AK

February 27th, 2023         ACSA Spring Fly-In                          Juneau, AK

February 28th, 2023         ACSA Spring Fly-In                          Juneau, AK

March 1st, 2023                ACSA Spring Fly-In                          Juneau, AK

April, 2023                      Webinar (12:30-1:30)                           MS Teams

May/June 2022              End of Year Academy                           Anchorage

The ASA New and Incoming Superintendent Support program is an effort to support New Alaskan Superintendents to meet their leadership goals and develop into Alaska’s next generation of education leaders that will move the learningneedle forward

Designed from the interests and priorities of Alaska Superintendents in the 1st and 2nd year of their position in their current school district.

Sean Dusek is our ASA Superintendent Support Coordinator. As a former educator and superintendent, he knows how valuable the mentorship program is for our Alaskan superintendents and firmly believes that it empowers superintendents to step into each of these unique districts with every resource and tool available to make an immediate impact and a lasting legacy for their schools. Mr. Dusek can be reached at