Our Partners

Diamond Level Partners

GCI is a pioneer in its field, bringing telemedicine and online education capabilities to communities across the state and continuing efforts to connect the Arctic globally as well as providing strong services to consumer and business markets.

Website: https://www.gci.com/business/solutions/education

Contact: Olivia Saunders, Alaska Account Executive

Email: olivia.saunders@imaginelearning.com

Website: http://www.imaginethefutureoflearning.com/

Contact: Kevin Hansen, District Manager

Email: kevin.hansen@firstgroup.com

Phone: 907-789-7352

Website: http://www.firststudentinc.com


Dr. Teresa M. Chambers, Ed.D. (she/her)

Executive Director, Curriculum Associates, LLC

Email: tchambers@cainc.com

P: 907-802-1585

M: 901-832-5879

Website: https://www.curriculumassociates.com

Contact: Michael Petersen

Email: Michael.petersen@corwin.com

P: (805) 341-8069

Website: https://us.corwin.com/en-us/nam/home

Platinum Level Partners

NWEA is a research-based, not-for-profit organization that supports students and educators worldwide by creating assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency—and provide insights to help tailor instruction. Many students have been negatively impacted by school closures, and we’re here to help educators, parents, and students as they navigate on-site or remote learning.

Contact: Scott Griego

Website: https://www.nwea.org

Contact: Chris Igel

Email: christopher.igel@acsalaska.com

Contact: Bianca Durrant

Email: Bianca.Durrant@acsalaska.com

Phone: 907-564-7235

Website: https://www.alaskacommunications.com/education

Alaska Communications takes care of educators, so they can focus on safely educating our youth. We are an Alaska service provider serving over half of students in the state and growing. Providing industry-specific solutions, we help close the digital divide while dealing with complex resources and shrinking budgets. Alaska Communications is committed to empowering students and educators with scalable, secure access to Broadband and IT Services.

Contact: 1SGT Michael Stone, U.S. Army Recruiting, Alaska

Email: michael.j.stone118.mil@army.mil

P: 907-277-3060

Website: https://www.goarmy.com/

Gold Level Partners

Contact: Julie Staley, Executive Director

Email: julies@serrc.org

P: (907) 586-6806

Website: www.SERRC.org

Silver Level Sponsors

Contact: Jerry Covey, CEO

Email: jerrycovey1@gmail.com

Phone: 907-440-6500

Website: www.jscconsulting.com

Alaska Public Entity Insurance is committed to providing our members with stable, affordable insurance, broad coverage, and effective risk management services so that municipalities and school districts have maximum funds available for their local government and educational programs.

Phone: 907-523-9400

Toll Free: 877-586-2734


Website: https://akpei.com/

Contact: Ben Smith, Account Executive

Email: ben@droplet.io

Phone: 608-778-0478


Website: https://droplet.io/

Contact: Kathleen Rief

Email: kathleen.rief@varsitytutors.com

Phone: (888) 888-0446


Website: https://www.varsitytutors.com/

Bronze Level Sponsors

Contact: Dan Yahata

Email: dan.yahata@renaissance.com

Phone: (800) 375-9966


Website: http://www.renaissance.com

Contact: Dr. Barbara L. Adams

Email: badams.aas@gmail.com

Phone: 907-460-1377 

Contact: Rob Hawks, Director of School Relations

Email: robhawks@waterford.org

Phone: 801-652-2501

Website: http://Waterford.org

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 250 

West Jordan, UT 84084-0250

Contact: Heidi Anderson

Email: heidi.anderson@mheducation.com

Phone: 971-380-0174

Website: https://www.mheducation.com/

Contact: Cole Saxton

Email: csaxton@meteoreducation.com

Phone: 206-530-3389

Website: mhttp://www.meteoreducation.com